Tie-ctober : Brioni

I have purchased a dozen ties from Neiman Marcus in the past. As a matter of fact Neiman’s was my go to for all my fashion needs be it suits, shoes, shirts, boxers, socks and ties. Now that I am converting my wardrobe to be bespoke suits, shoes and shirts, I won’t do much shopping […]

Tie-ctober : Calabrese

Several Tie makers are highlighted in Hugo Jacomet’s book “The Italian Gentleman”, another great resource guide for quality and bespoke menswear. One story there is on the brand Calabrese 1924 out of Napoli. I won’t use my blog to duplicate what Hugo Jacomet does so well in his book which is to tell the stories of these […]

Tie-ctober : Drake’s

Drake’s Website  This was my birthday splurge for sure. Two ties from Drake’s. Simon Crompton is a big fan of Drake’s ties and apparently of Drake’s general overall quality. Here is one of Simon’s blog posts on Drake’s where he explains the richness of the quality: LINK In another blog Simon mentions a navy blue […]

Tie-ctober : Granqvist

Granqvist Website As I was telling my brother Steven about Gentl Supply he mentioned a Swedish company called Granqvist that also has a nice handmade tie selection for reasonable prices. Granqvist says, “Our ties are made by hand in Italy and the fabrics are hand picked from the best weavers in Como.” I have seen […]

Tie-ctober : Gentl Supply

Gentl Supply Website My first new ties were from a company  called Gentl Supply out of Spain. Their ties were reviewed in a blog post called “Street  x Sprezza” by Ethan Wong.  But I saw Gentl Supply first in another blog that I can’t find now. When I went to the Gentl Supply website they had […]