A Bed Delivery gone Good

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In recent posts I have spoken about my wife’s and my journey in acquiring a Savoir bespoke hand-made bed. Our bed arrived on Friday, June 28th of 2019. Three movers assisted our Savoir representative who flew in from New York City to oversee the delivery and set up of our bed.

Set up was fairly simple and straightforward – not a lot of parts. What was impressive was both the packaging, followed by the immediately noticeable craftsmanship. Our bed is beautiful, solid and refined. The beauty is enhanced by the impeccable fabrics which we chose with the golden designs of the headboard kissing the crimson velvet of the base near our heads.

Three layers of comfort support and cradle our bodies starting with the topper, followed by the mattress and then the base, and everywhere we touch or look sends pleasures to our senses. The velvet of the base is not lost to my senses as the red catches my eye when I enter our room and it is the perfect distance from the topper for me to drop my hand down at night for a fanciful caress.

We couldn’t be happier and my wife has never slept better. But there are instructions. Processes. Most expensive beds deserve expensive, large houses which come replete with personnel, in this case particularly a bed and pillow fluffer. In the case of a Savoir bed rather than a sweet young French girl fluffer, you might be better off if you had three grown sons who play linebackers on the football team to fluff your mattress.

It is actually only the pillows and the topper that get fluffed, but the topper and mattress need to be rotated and flipped on a routine basis. By the way, Savoir NYC included two of the most amazing pillows on the planet as a gift to our order. Insist! Back to fluffing – it is tough enough for one person to rotate and fluff the topper, which I endeavor when my wife is not available to assist me, but the mattress… The topper is heavy, designed with natural materials, making it thick and sturdy.

If the topper consists of part horse (in this case hair), the mattress must consist of elephant. I tried to move it once and only succeeded out of sheer refusal to fail. Had I known, I would have commissioned the three large delivery men to return on a scheduled basis. I think the only real solution is going to be to fluff that which can be fluffed and instead of shifting the mattress, my wife and I will just rotate ourselves. If we had kids they wouldn’t know where to tap us on the shoulder to awaken us.

As I write this longingly reminiscing of the comfort and joy that our bed brings us, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Savoir experience. There is never an excuse for spending this much money on a bed, so don’t look for one. For us, it was a complete experience to which we wanted to treat ourselves. But I also wanted to treat my head-injured brother to the same blissful experience and since his bed has to elevate, we could only get him the topper. The topper costs more when purchased separately, but I will tell you that his bed is just as comfortable as ours now. To me this means that whether you want the King experience (base, mattress and topper), or the Queen experience (mattress and topper) or the Prince experience (just the topper) it will all be royal.

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  1. I had never heard of Savior bespoke beds before reading this blog. My wife and I have a memory foam bed with a topper that we love, but I remember testing out this one bed that felt like I was lying on a heavenly cloud. Based off this description, I might need to go checkout Savior next time I am in the Big Apple.

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