Bedamorphosis with Savoir Beds

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There is a reason that people and businesses can make a tremendous amount of money in marketing and sales. And that is because there are plenty of people like me who can be convinced to spend a lot more money on something than originally intended.

There is a good argument for buying a nice bed. We spend at least a third of our life sleeping on beds and the quality of that sleep improves the entire rest of our life. No pun intended. But when is enough, enough? The great Japanese samurai Musashi was known for saying, “Too much is not enough!” He was referring to perfecting his martial art, but I thought, why not relate that to buying a bed? Or at least, that is the direction it all headed.

In my blog post here you would have seen that our journey into a Savoir Bed, perhaps the best handmade bespoke bed on the market, only started with their No. 4 Mattress and HW Topper. They were ordered in Queen size giving my wife and myself the option of using our existing bed frame. That would have been fine had I not read further or followed up with our sales agent while we were waiting for our handmade mattress to be born.

Pricing is an odd creature. You don’t know what anything is worth until someone tells you and explains to you why it is so. But a lot of that explanation can just be perceived/applied worth rather than what would be strictly assessed were you just paying for the materials and labor at standard labor rates; think diamonds, gold, a Gucci tee shirt. But once marketing has convinced you of the perceived worth, you are liberated to spend freely and abundantly.

I would say that the average Savoir bed costs around $20,000. You can just get the mattress and topper for about half that price. But why would you put the most amazing mattress and topper on just any boxspring. Savoir boxsprings are handmade and come with that extra horsehair padding in them that will make all the difference. Think ‘Princess and the Pea’. My beautiful wife started out as a princess and now she is a Queen. That makes me a King which is why we decided to change our order to be King size. That is not the real reason, but it may as well have been. If I gave you a Savoir topper to put on your bed, you would be blown away. If I replaced your mattress and added a Savoir mattress under that topper, you would notice that too and be even more happy. If I added a handmade Savoir frame and boxspring, which you can design to be anything you want by the way, you are entering Princess and Pea territory as far as how much of a difference you will actually feel. But you will have the most beautiful complete work of sleep art around.

Here are photos of master craftsman Matthew Delahaye in England making the beautiful king size Savoir bed that my wife, Bindu, and I designed and that will be delivered this week. We can’t wait.

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