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What is it and why do I want it??

The word bespoke evolved from a verb meaning “to speak for something”. Back in the day in London on Saville Row where the suits were custom made as was always emphasized in James Bond movies where James always had the best of the best, a fabric for a suit was chosen by a customer which made that particular fabric spoken for – hence bespoke.

But it wasn’t just the fabric that made it all superior, it was the craftsmanship. And it wasn’t just the craftsmanship, it was the fact that the suit was being made for you, on you, to your exact measurements and style preferences.

Those discerning gentlemen who go bespoke tend to never look back. Looking back, there was nothing but bespoke. Everyone had a tailor and had their suits made from measure. Measuring and making a suit takes time, often up to six months or more. Unlike perhaps the days of yore, a quality handmade suit today is not inexpensive. For reputable tailoring houses you are looking at $3,000 USD and up for one suit. That is the reality of a quality made bespoke suit today and if you are going to take the time and pay the money for the experience and the results, you don’t want to compromise but at the same time you want to shop smart. How to find a quality tailor.

Quality bespoke suits are the highest quality you can buy. If you are like me and want the best, then you want to find a great tailor and have a bespoke suit made. You want bespoke for the amazing feel of a quality fabric that you have chosen, be it wool, worsted, cashmere, cotton, linen, silk or even velvet. You want bespoke because of the way the suit fits you perfectly. And you want bespoke because of the way it looks on you and makes you look to others. They will see the difference. In the sea of suits yours will look like it was made for your body while the others will look like they were made for hangers, pressed flat like a box with shoulders too big and unnatural looking.

Some men pay a lot of money for these hanger suits and I believe it is due mostly to ignorance, exposure and availability. But it might also be due to cost, which brings up the age old argument of quality versus quantity. For a discerning gentleman, quality will always win and here is the good news. Three bad hanger suits equal the cost of one bespoke suit and in some cases, as has been my experience, one nice hanger suit can come very close to the price of a bespoke suit making the only really outstanding difference to time involved. I buy a Zegna suit, made of really nice Zegna wool fabric from a quality department store and in a week the sleeve and pant length are altered and I am two piecing my way out the door. The same Zegna fabric suit made by my tailor will fit me completely differently, in ways that only wearing it can reveal, but will take more time to acquire.

If you are not one of those gentlemen who have been sucked up into this crazy whirlwind world of I need everything now and I am too busy to enjoy life and my possessions, go bespoke. Even if it means having fewer suits, go bespoke. Even if you have to wait to be the dapper gentleman you are imagining yourself to be, take the time to go
bespoke. Quality is priceless and in the case of bespoke arguably affordable.

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