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Luigi says that the first fitting is for the tailor. He sees things that he needs to see to make adjustments to create the perfect fitting suit for your body. But if you have never tried on a bespoke suit hand made specifically for your body and you are working with a reputable tailor, you are most likely going to have an eye opening experience as did I.

I have tried on many suits off the peg in the past. Some feel better than others. And I have purchased several based on them being the most comfortable of the bunch, mostly Zegna. But nothing off the peg drapes your body like a bespoke suit. And if you add in that your tailor is from Napoli where they specialize in a “spalla camicia”, a shirt shoulder, then you know that your suit will also move with you just as comfortably as it drapes on you. The Neapolitan shoulder allows your arms freedom of movement without moving your entire suit. Think of it like how a cardigan sweater feels and behaves. Comfort!

Luigi may have noticed the tweaks he needed to make, but the only thing I noticed in this first fitting was that the shoulders felt a little heavy on top. When I mentioned this, which is the kind of feedback your tailor needs, he knew immediately to what I was referring. He probably saw it before I felt it.

What I find spectacular is seeing all the stitching on the suit during this first fitting. And then the tailor starts to make marks all over it with the chalk and then he tears part of it off around the neck line. It is like watching a great artist like Picasso in the midst of painting one of his masterpieces. It is really a special experience of self-indulgence.

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