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When the strap on my Italian made Panerai Luminor cracked prematurely I contacted Panerai to find out how much it would cost to replace the band. When the prices of the Panerai replacement straps started around $800. I researched other options. A Google search led me to DaLuca Straps out of San Diego. Da Luca makes beautiful watch straps and will do a custom bespoke watch strap at a fourth of Panerai’s price.

Before realizing DaLuca did bespoke, I ordered one of DaLuca’s Ballistic Nylon NATO straps which has a cool double strap system and came in a variety of colors. I love this blue, the last one they had, and ended up switching it to my Omega Seamaster.

When I found out that DaLuca did bespoke straps where I could get a handmade leather, alligator or lizard strap by choosing the material, color, width, length, stitching type, stitching color, thickness and buckle type, I went crazy. I ordered one for each of my three watches and gifted one to another watch enthusiast friend of mine. A gift certificate for a DaLuca strap makes for a great gift. Owner/Founder Daniel Luczak worked directly with me and made the entire process educational and enjoyable.

For my Panerai I ordered this Glazed Black Alligator with top stitching and polished buckle that comes with the DaLuca logo.

For my Seamaster I went with a white lizard, the polished buckle and a touch of orange stitching which really pops.

For my Zenith I chose a beautiful brown lizard strap. I sent Daniel photos to post on their Instagram. I love creating relationships with amazing artisans. Check out DaLuca Straps and get on their mailing list. They send out frequent sale notices.

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