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After a process that began back in 2017 with a lot of back and forth clarification due to the novelty for me of ordering hand made shoes and following a bank transfer to Antonio Meccariello on August 30, 2018, I received my much anticipated ’Test Shoes” on Monday, December 11th, 2018. Antonio Meccariello is the ever more and more famous Italian shoe maker living and working outside of Napoli, Italia.

Looking at his shoes for over a year on Instagram has made me fall in love with his styling more than any others I have looked in to. There is something about his lines that really resonate with me. So I pulled the trigger on an order one of his semi-bespoke lace up dress shoes. Semi-bespoke refers to the process I chose of sending Antonio photos and measurements from which he makes a last of my foot, basically a wood carving, on which he builds my custom shoes.

If you go to Antonio’s website you will notice that there are several options for purchasing a pair of his shoes. The highest and best option is bespoke which involves meeting Antonio in person and engaging in the whole bespoke experience of him measuring and getting to know your feet and you. That is not so easy for most of us. Even if you decided to make the trip, which I would love to do, his place is a good 30 minutes outside of Napoli. But all trips aside, from check to custom semi-bespoke test shoes in hand here in Florida only took two and a half months. Not bad, considering I am not A. Meccariello’s only customer.

Until recently, Antonio was working exclusively out of Napoli, but in late 2018 he made his first trip outside of his workshop to do a Trunk Show, in Asia I believe, a practice more and more popular amongst these rising star artisans of bespoke fashion. That is great news for shoe lovers if Antonio continues to meet and greet new customers around the world. We are already having discussions of a trip to the US for him.

In a following post I will discuss the fit of my A. Meccariello Test Shoes.

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