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When it comes to finding the best handmade items available, don’t stop looking at night. After all, who wouldn’t love an all natural bespoke bed from Wales, United Kingdom by Savoir Beds. That is what The Savoy Hotel in London was thinking in 1905 when they furnished their rooms with these luxurious beds.

We couldn’t think of anything better than sleeping on a combination of long, curled Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool, so we went to see John Grant at 54 Greene Street in New York City. John is great and makes you feel right at home as you proceed to sleep in all of his beds. There are four different beds No. 1 – No. 4 and four different toppers to go with each one. We actually did start falling asleep, which is a good sign when choosing a bed and topper except we started falling asleep on all of them. Think cradled.

After an hour or two, depending on your short term memory, you start to narrow down your choices. We wanted firm and cradled and found the No. 4 with the HW Topper to be our cup of tea. Savoir Beds will deliver to your home and you can even opt for the white glove experience. Your bespoke bed will arrive signed by its maker – one master makes the entire bed by hand. John sent us photos of master Phil Jones hand stitching our bed.

Savoir Beds also has the most beautiful bed frames we have ever seen which can be completely customized and designed by you for you in true bespoke. Though we did not order one yet, we are considering the Harlech 08. You can see everything Savoir Beds here

Our bespoke Savoir Bed is scheduled to arrive in early December. We look forward to sweeter dreams.

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