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Bring out the Bubbles for the Holidays

In honor of quality handmade products and in the spirit of the holiday season I always enjoy sharing a glass of fine bourbon or whiskey with  family or friends from my Crystal Bubble Whiskey Glasses by second generation glass blower Gabriel Cole. It has been over five years since I ordered these handmade glasses when they were still available from Gabriel’s site: gabrielglass.com which is showing currently unavailable. 
Gabriel was diagnosed with cancer in 2015, so I not sure what his current status is now. But when I look for Bubble Rocks Glass, nothing looks as nice as his. When I received my first order of two glasses, I immediately dropped one on the floor by accident. What was not an accident was the quality that bounced up completed unharmed. I emailed Gabriel to let him know and he responded that these glasses are made to be used. I love them. The first pair I ordered are large, measuring 8.5cm in width which are even big in my hands. So when my next birthday rolled around and my family asked what I wanted, my mother ordered me a smaller pair measuring 8cm in width. A much more comfortable hold.  
Gabriel made these glasses in a variety of fun colors, but I chose to go with the classic clear glasses. Though his site is down, I was able to find some available on Frog Hollow, a Vermont Craft Gallery site: LINK There does not appear to be a size indicated.
I don’t know how many of Gabriel’s Crystal Bubble Glasses are out there or whether he is still making these masterpieces, but they make a great gift and just might become collector’s items. These are my go to glasses year round for enjoying spirits. 

Here is a video from 2014 showing Gabriel making his bubble glasses:

Here are my Bubble Glasses shown alongside my Waterford Crystal, Lismore Ships Decanter.



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