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If you are like me and have outgrown tennis shoes for anything other than sports or the gym but you like the connection that tennis shoes give you when you drive your car, then you might be happy to discover ‘Drivers’. Drivers are shoes designed specifically for driving. Drivers tend to be soft and flexible by design but also fit your foot and can feel like a second skin when fitted properly and broken in. In addition to comfort and flexibility, they have traction. Rubber soles, often in a patchwork design, not only cover the sole, but also the heal to afford you more control and less slippage when your foot is tilted back on the car pedals and your heel is planted on the car floor.


My first pair of driving shoes was a Pebble leather Gancini Bit Driver from Ferragamo in a chocolate brown. All Ferragamo drivers are unlined and hand stitched in Florence, Italy. It took a couple of weeks to break them in but the more I wore them, the more they molded to my feet and became the most comfortable driving and casual shoes I owned. Slip on, slip off, which also makes them great for driving and then switching to my dress shoes at my destination. I would think drivers would also be particularly useful for women who wear high heels, or flip flops for that matter when driving.

When I decided to get a second pair during a sale week at Neiman Marcus, I considered other brands, but eventually came back to Ferragamo which just seemed a step above all the others in quality and craftsmanship. The brown pebble Gancini’s were not available so I went with a smooth white leather pair with the flashy gold Gancino logo, which looks like a backwards horseshoe. I thought these were perfect for me, a middle aged man living in South Florida. My third pair of Ferragamo drivers are of a blue woven leather. This pair was super comfortable right from the beginning. Ferragamo made an adjustment to their sizing chart around this time.

One of my joys in life is buying quality and enjoying it enough to wear it out and reinvest in new. I have a lot of driving to do before I go through another two pair. It is all very exciting!

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