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For longer than I care to admit, my daily facial regime was at an all time minimum. My routine probably consisted of no more than splashing my face with water. Don’t get me wrong. I have always been a clean person, I just haven’t always been on top of my face game.

You would think that us married guys, who watch our wives spend hours, day after day, tending to their faces would wonder if we were missing something. But we didn’t like washing our faces when we were young, why would we like it now?

My turning point came many years into my marriage at one of those what she might consider ‘miracle moments’ when I took her advice. It started with using a simple face scrub and it was an instant a-ha moment. That feels nice!

My wife has never known me without long hair and a beard, which means that a good 50% of my face has always been covered. But that did not alleviate her concerns for it’s well-being.

After face scrubs, came lotions. There are some really nice face lotions on the market and they will not only do your taxes for you but make you look younger in the process. That is how good they are and is also the reason you might no longer be able to afford to pay for your son’s college tuition.

One of my favorites was BABOR Men, Anti-wrinkle Face and Eye Energizer which I added as a take away from The Spa at Omni Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina. But my regulars for face cleanser and lotions tends to be Kiehl’s.

One thing led to another and I started shaving again as well, although just around the edges. You can do things and then you can DO things. I experienced this with washing my face and then I learned this with shaving. This is when I really got a understanding of why people can enjoy these otherwise uneventful quotidian routines.

I learned from Kirby Allison what boys should learn from their fathers. Kirby is an influencer and I share with you his video: How to Shave Like Kirby Allison

At age 55 I am happy that my face looks and feels as good as it does. Genetics aside, I think a healthy face routine has really made a difference. I certainly feel it.

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