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Last May my wife and I were in NYC and after stopping in the Omega Watch Boutique, I ended up with this amazing and completely unexpected piece (STORY)

I love and wear this watch regularly and have subsequently turned my nephew Aditya onto the Omega brand. So on this recent trip to NYC to meet my tailor Luigi Solito, who situates his fittings directly across the street from the Omega Boutique, Aditya and I decided to stop into Omega and have a look. The NYC Omega Boutique located at 711 5th Avenue is beautiful and elegant. It is situated in the middle of all the other great shopping on 5th Avenue, but what really impressed me was my sales associate Brennan.

When I bought my NYC City Edition Omega Seamaster, Brennan was extremely helpful and treated my wife and me most graciously. Our interaction lasted perhaps an hour, going over options, bands, making the purchase etc… Now five months later I walk in the door and immediately Brennan jumps up, addresses me by name, and extends his hand to greet me. I was impressed. I am no celebrity but Brennan made me feel like one. I can tell that Brennan is a genuinely nice person, but any salesperson would benefit from his level of attention to detail and relationship building.

Life is all about relationships.

If you find yourself perusing 5th Avenue, stop in and say hi to Brennan. Let him show you some of their amazing Omega watches and tell him you read about him on my blog.

Omega Boutique NYC www.omegawatches.com
Luigi Solito http://www.sartoriasolito.it/

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