Are You Back Pain?

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I am not a licensed, practicing medical physician so I can’t really tell you any more than Google, so grab your knife and scalpel, we’re doing this!

I read this and deducted that work is the necessary evil here, or is it? If you are the half who suffers from back pain, chronic or otherwise, you will certainly want to know. And although there are many causes for back pain and thus potentially many cures, it makes common sense to not start with the gizmo that you attach here and just wrap around there, and then pull it really tight so you can never have children again, or the far worse extreme and highly controversial solution, back surgery, no matter how small the incision is going to be, because there may be healthier and better solutions.

What might be illuminating, as it was for me, and ever more common sensical is discovering that your back pain might not be originating from your back at all. Our body is a whole whose parts affect all the other parts. For example, I discovered that my shoulder pain was coming from not supporting my forearms when I typed. After focusing on my shoulders to fix the problem, the cure came from simply supporting my forearms and taking the tension out of the shoulders when I typed – no gizmo or surgery required, just knowledge and practice. Likewise I am discovering how so much back pain experienced can be generated from tight hips, tight hamstrings, a weak core and not be anything other than the back compensating to the extent of causing pain – in the back. 
Without your back bringing it to your attention, you may go through life never knowing your core is weak or your hamstrings are tight. I didn’t know my hip flexers were weak until I had swelling in my upper thigh, had an MRI and found out I had labral tears in my hips. How old do you have to get to even find out that you have labrums? Let alone that they tear and cause associated pain throughout the body. But this led my “doctor”, I emphasize this because this is who you should be consulting, recommending I go to physical therapy. After one evaluation and one session of physical therapy, I had immediate relief. But it got better. 
Physical therapy also hit on everything else including my weak core and tight hamstrings which all contributed to my lower back pain, postural problems and on and on. I walked my dog around the park  feeling and engaging my core for the first time in a long time. Once my core engaged, all the pressure was taken off of my lower back. Makes sense. 
Again, I am not a doctor but if you want to ask Google first how to help your lower back pain, start searching for core strengthening exercises, hamstring stretches, sun salutations, clam stretches, bridge stretches, simple things that are free and that can make all the difference in the world. If you have the means, ask your doctor to prescribe physical therapy where they can really show you what to do and how to do it properly. 
And then do these things “regularly”. You have probably been regularly aggravating your lower back, now it is time to regularly relieve it. It will be a routine, not a fix. Happy healing!

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