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As the son of a nutritionist, I have given a lot of thought to diet. So much so that I wrote a diet book as part of my author collection, which you can see here at this link: You’re Fat, She’s Not

Yesterday I was watching a documentary where Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking about being vegan for one day a week and highlights great athletes who are strictly vegan. The documentary is called “The Game Changers”. Like many well-made documentaries, it was convincing. It did not convince me to change, since I have had enough years to experiment for what works for me, but it did give rise to thought. And were I in my younger, more impressionable years, it may have convinced me to change my eating habits – which is exactly what happened many times throughout my dietary journey.

What it did give question to, however, was whether I had done the same thing in my diet and lifestyle book; “You’re Fat, She’s Not”. I just love this title. Did I preach some extreme diet for people to follow? The answer is yes, and no. While preaching give up sugar and wheat, I also preached moderation in all things and listening to your body and watching its reactions. In all honesty, the path of moderation is the path that I follow, whereas if you read my book, and you should, because it is filled with great treasures to better health and well-being, you would think I never touch bread or sugar.

My wife and I just returned from Italy where we ate our share of breads, pastas and dessert. We stayed with our Italian friends and their Italian families and that is what good guests do – eat! And we ate a lot. Like every day was Thanksgiving. We also talked a lot, laughed a lot and most importantly, in between and sometimes during meals, walked a lot. One two hour long meal had three intermissions where we walked outside to enjoy the mountain views, talk, laugh, and play with little Antonio on the swing while awaiting the next course.

Antonio on the Camel

As I try to sum this up in one paragraph, I realize that there is so much to discuss and understand about this journey, your journey, of which food plays the most important role. These topics are covered in my book and I highly recommend it as a must read with the caveat that I want to emphasize moderation over dietary extremes and restrictions.

Being healthy and fit is a birthright as well as your life’s enjoyable journey.

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