My wife, Dr. Bindu Mayi; Professor, Author and all around amazing person, is bespoken for and she is one of a kind. We married after only four months of meeting, but the same cannot be said for anything else I have bespoken for since then. These include a Savoir bed and Italian suits, shirts and […]


As the son of a nutritionist, I have given a lot of thought to diet. So much so that I wrote a diet book as part of my author collection, which you can see here at this link: You’re Fat, She’s Not Yesterday I was watching a documentary where Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking about being […]

A Bed Delivery gone Good

In recent posts I have spoken about my wife’s and my journey in acquiring a Savoir bespoke hand-made bed. Our bed arrived on Friday, June 28th of 2019. Three movers assisted our Savoir representative who flew in from New York City to oversee the delivery and set up of our bed. Set up was fairly […]


Since you are made up of mostly water, it is no wonder that this recommendation ranks high on my priority list. Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning. If you don’t already know the importance of hydration, here it is. It is extremely important for everything that you need and want. […]

Impressive to Watch

Last May my wife and I were in NYC and after stopping in the Omega Watch Boutique, I ended up with this amazing and completely unexpected piece (STORY) I love and wear this watch regularly and have subsequently turned my nephew Aditya onto the Omega brand. So on this recent trip to NYC to meet […]

Apple Kool-Aid

For more years than I care to remember I have been drinking the Apple Kool-Aid, be it iPhones, iPads, iMacs or iPods, I’ve been there year after year. I had tech savvy friends who knew better, who were not swayed by the shiny exteriors, the clever advertising, the false claims from Apple that they came […]

Dry Wet Dry Dry

If you have ever lived in India, as have I, or perhaps Japan, like my brother Steven, or in almost any other country in the world outside of the United States, you probably noticed that there are cultural differences. There are obvious differences, like the way a culture eats, for example. But then there are […]


– an excerpt from my book: “You’re Fat, She’s Not“ #1 STRETCH Start your day out with a stretch, any stretch, a simple stretch, but something that you can commit to first thing in the morning. Here are my personal favorites. MORNING TOE WIGGLE The most simple and yet effective stretch you can do is […]

The One Year Wait is over

The end of July 2019 was a busy time on my bespoke journey. It was then that I received the fruits of my first bespoke projects that began just shy of one year earlier:My Meccariello bespoke shoes journey which began on August 28, 2018 with Antonio,My Solito bespoke suit journey which began on September 19, […]

Bedamorphosis with Savoir Beds

There is a reason that people and businesses can make a tremendous amount of money in marketing and sales. And that is because there are plenty of people like me who can be convinced to spend a lot more money on something than originally intended. There is a good argument for buying a nice bed. […]