A Bed Delivery gone Good

In recent posts I have spoken about my wife’s and my journey in acquiring a Savoir bespoke hand-made bed. Our bed arrived on Friday, June 28th of 2019. Three movers assisted our Savoir representative who flew in from New York City to oversee the delivery and set up of our bed. Set up was fairly […]

Impressive to Watch

Last May my wife and I were in NYC and after stopping in the Omega Watch Boutique, I ended up with this amazing and completely unexpected piece (STORY) I love and wear this watch regularly and have subsequently turned my nephew Aditya onto the Omega brand. So on this recent trip to NYC to meet […]

The One Year Wait is over

The end of July 2019 was a busy time on my bespoke journey. It was then that I received the fruits of my first bespoke projects that began just shy of one year earlier:My Meccariello bespoke shoes journey which began on August 28, 2018 with Antonio,My Solito bespoke suit journey which began on September 19, […]

Bedamorphosis with Savoir Beds

There is a reason that people and businesses can make a tremendous amount of money in marketing and sales. And that is because there are plenty of people like me who can be convinced to spend a lot more money on something than originally intended. There is a good argument for buying a nice bed. […]

Start Wine-ing

I may be the first in line to drink wine regularly, but like my father before me, his father before him and perhaps down the line, I am not a wine connoisseur. As a matter of fact it wasn’t until recently when I was breaking bread with my Italian tailor Luigi that I fully grasped […]

Watch Peace

Like a bespoke suit collection, a watch collection should build over time. No pun intended. If you listen to the advice of the wise, like Simone Crompton, like Hugo Jacomet, the advice that I am echoing here, you will understand the value of patience. A lot happens while we wait. My first bespoke suit will […]

Boxer ‘Brief’

In my post “Hang Time” I discussed the value of wearing boxer shorts. I titled this post “Boxer Brief”, which is also a style of men’s underwear, but in this case refers to ‘brief’ as a short discussion on the topic of finding the perfect boxer shorts. Anyone from my generation invariably started out wearing […]

Test shoes from Antonio Meccariello

After a process that began back in 2017 with a lot of back and forth clarification due to the novelty for me of ordering hand made shoes and following a bank transfer to Antonio Meccariello on August 30, 2018, I received my much anticipated ’Test Shoes” on Monday, December 11th, 2018. Antonio Meccariello is the […]


If you are like me and have outgrown tennis shoes for anything other than sports or the gym but you like the connection that tennis shoes give you when you drive your car, then you might be happy to discover ‘Drivers’. Drivers are shoes designed specifically for driving. Drivers tend to be soft and flexible […]

First Fitting

Luigi says that the first fitting is for the tailor. He sees things that he needs to see to make adjustments to create the perfect fitting suit for your body. But if you have never tried on a bespoke suit hand made specifically for your body and you are working with a reputable tailor, you […]