Test shoes from Antonio Meccariello

After a process that began back in 2017 with a lot of back and forth clarification due to the novelty for me of ordering hand made shoes and following a bank transfer to Antonio Meccariello on August 30, 2018, I received my much anticipated ’Test Shoes” on Monday, December 11th, 2018. Antonio Meccariello is the […]

First Fitting

Luigi says that the first fitting is for the tailor. He sees things that he needs to see to make adjustments to create the perfect fitting suit for your body. But if you have never tried on a bespoke suit hand made specifically for your body and you are working with a reputable tailor, you […]


Today is the day that I put on my very first bespoke suit and it was amazing. Luigi said that the first fitting is really for the tailor, more so than for the client. He said the second fitting is where the real magical moment is experienced. But this felt great to me. We have […]

Imagine Tailors

Imagine you are a third generation tailor who watched your father and grandfather work together creating beautiful bespoke handmade suits for men. In your grandfather’s time, it was an era when wearing a suit was the standard, the norm, the look. Your family had a thriving business even though the profit margin on a handmade […]

My Bespoke Watch Straps

When the strap on my Italian made Panerai Luminor cracked prematurely I contacted Panerai to find out how much it would cost to replace the band. When the prices of the Panerai replacement straps started around $800. I researched other options. A Google search led me to DaLuca Straps out of San Diego. Da Luca […]

The Suit

Ermenegildo Zegna brown wool from Neiman MarcusDark Navy cotton polo by Ermenegildo Zegna from Neiman Marcus Bespoke Experience September 19, 2018  It all started with an appointment and a diet. I only had a month before meeting my new tailor and I weighed 218. It wasn’t the weight but rather there was more around the mid-section […]

My Foray into Bespoke

It turns out that my first foray into bespoke was not a suit or a shirt but rather shoes. In mid-2017 I started contacting a Napolese shoe maker by name Antonio Meccariello. I wish I had kept better records of how I found certain artisans like Antonio so that I could share that process with […]

Your Bed

When it comes to finding the best handmade items available, don’t stop looking at night. After all, who wouldn’t love an all natural bespoke bed from Wales, United Kingdom by Savoir Beds. That is what The Savoy Hotel in London was thinking in 1905 when they furnished their rooms with these luxurious beds. We couldn’t […]

Trunk Show

Click here to go to Sartoria Solito Website Email Luigi at Sartoria Solito sartoriasolitonapoli@gmail.com to schedule your personal appointment for this event or to be added to the list for upcoming events.

How to find Your tailor

Finding a quality tailor is important for anyone considering going bespoke. For the amount of money you are going to invest in a hand-made shirt or suit, you are going to want the best that your money can buy. If you live in Paris, London or Napoli you will at least have the luxury of […]