As the son of a nutritionist, I have given a lot of thought to diet. So much so that I wrote a diet book as part of my author collection, which you can see here at this link: You’re Fat, She’s Not Yesterday I was watching a documentary where Arnold Schwarzenegger is talking about being […]


Since you are made up of mostly water, it is no wonder that this recommendation ranks high on my priority list. Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning. If you don’t already know the importance of hydration, here it is. It is extremely important for everything that you need and want. […]


– an excerpt from my book: “You’re Fat, She’s Not“ #1 STRETCH Start your day out with a stretch, any stretch, a simple stretch, but something that you can commit to first thing in the morning. Here are my personal favorites. MORNING TOE WIGGLE The most simple and yet effective stretch you can do is […]

Are You Back Pain?

I am not a licensed, practicing medical physician so I can’t really tell you any more than Google, so grab your knife and scalpel, we’re doing this! I read this and deducted that work is the necessary evil here, or is it? If you are the half who suffers from back pain, chronic or otherwise, […]

Hang Time

There have been many articles published recently about sex and particularly about how often, or in this case, less often people are having sex these days. For those who are having sex and more precisely trying to conceive a child together, there has also been a lot of published research of how to increase you […]

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay I have had the opportunity to discuss oral hygiene with a few people who don’t brush their teeth more than once a day and never have. It turns out that their teeth are perfect and have always been cavity free. Was it a unique phenomenon or were they onto something. I have always […]

The Cold War

My wife, Dr. Bindu S. Mayi, PhD in Microbiology knows stuff and I’ve learned some things from her. The attack of a cold, like any other battle, can be won more easily if you get the upper hand early. I refer to this in stages. Stage 1: fire the first shot. Cold and flu season […]