Tie-ctober : Brioni

I have purchased a dozen ties from Neiman Marcus in the past. As a matter of fact Neiman’s was my go to for all my fashion needs be it suits, shoes, shirts, boxers, socks and ties. Now that I am converting my wardrobe to be bespoke suits, shoes and shirts, I won’t do much shopping at Neiman’s anymore. I did notice during my research, however, that several brands recommended by Simon Crompton and Hugo Jacomet are sold at Neiman’s such as Charvet ties, Begg & Co. scarves and Zimmerli underwear. 
Not long ago I tried on a pair of Brioni dress slacks and was amazed at how comfortable they were compared to the Zanella and Zegna slacks I was currently wearing. I didn’t purchase them but it made me realize that there is some nice quality still available that is not handmade bespoke. So when I found this gold Brioni tie on sale for $100. I decided to order it and see how it compared. I could always return it. The Brioni came with a lined tip and felt heavier than these other ties. It felt completely different than my super light weight, untipped yellow Calabrese 1924, but I liked it. Brioni is definitely quality and this tie was no exception. She is a keeper. 

That concludes our Tie-ctober for 2018. We added nine new and amazing ties to the fold. That is knot a pun!

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