Tie-ctober : Calabrese

Several Tie makers are highlighted in Hugo Jacomet’s book “The Italian Gentleman”, another great resource guide for quality and bespoke menswear. One story there is on the brand Calabrese 1924 out of Napoli. I won’t use my blog to duplicate what Hugo Jacomet does so well in his book which is to tell the stories of these brands. I will just tell you whether I like these brands that he and others I follow recommend. After purchasing two Drake’s ties last time costing close to $200 each, spending $100 to try out the quality of a Calabrese 1924 tie seemed effortless. I chose a beautiful yellow patterned tie and was very pleased. This Calabrese 1924 is super light and the silk is very luxurious. I am a fan and these handmade Calabrese are very reasonable. 
With the exception of the Brioni, all the ties I have acquired during this Tie-ctober event have come “untipped”, a word that spell check doesn’t recognize, but means that the tip of the tie comes without the extra layer of interlining. I had never seen this before, but I like the overall effect and lightness. 

I purchased my Calabrese 1924 online from The Rake :

You may also want to check out No Man Walks Alone :

and Viola Milano :

Although I have yet to make a purchase with these later two. Perhaps next Tie-ctober. 

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