Tie-ctober : Drake’s

 This was my birthday splurge for sure. Two ties from Drake’s. Simon Crompton is a big fan of Drake’s ties and apparently of Drake’s general overall quality. Here is one of Simon’s blog posts on Drake’s where he explains the richness of the quality: LINK

In another blog Simon mentions a navy blue Grenadine tie as an essential staple, I’m paraphrasing, and also included the navy Grenadine in his Drake’s top 18 picks. If you search, you can find a navy Grenadine tie under most brands that I have researched this month, but I thought, if I’m splurging on this one, I may as well go with Simon’s pick. So I ordered the Dark Navy Handrolled Large Knot Grenadine Tie. Then I doubled down and also ordered his other top choice Drake’s tie, the Grey Pure Cashmere Solid Tie. Drake’s ties are not inexpensive running $175 and $185 respectively, but I immediately recognized the superior quality of these ties and Drake’s came in first place in packaging. I am not disappointed. 

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