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My first new ties were from a company  called Gentl Supply out of Spain. Their ties were reviewed in a blog post called “Street  x Sprezza” by Ethan Wong.  But I saw Gentl Supply first in another blog that I can’t find now. When I went to the Gentl Supply website they had a nice sale going on and also offered a one time discount on full priced items if you signed up for their newsletter. They also only sell limited quantities, apparently 12 of each style to add to the uniqueness of their designs. Their ties retail for $75 and go on sale for about half price. I ordered one of each with the $75 tie being my first Grenadine tie, the Military Grenadine shown here. 
The other tie, the one that was on sale, was a red silk patterned tie called Red Hadir. I thought I preferred wider ties being 6’ 2″, so when this tie showed up thinner than normal, I was initially disappointed. I looked at the measurements indicated online for both ties, the Grenadine was supposed to measure 8.5 cm which it did at the largest width, and the red printed silk tie was supposed to measure 8 cm but measured 7.5 cm instead. When you are tying ties, these small increments make a big difference. I sent Gentl Supply an email indicating that this tie was smaller than advertised but never heard back. I have subsequently grown to love this tie and realize that this width works for me. I have one other tie that I recently purchased that was also thinner than I thought it would be and that is a knit Brunello Cucinelli. I also love that tie. I am a big fan of the tie dimple, the little indent in the tie just below the knot and my Brunello falls in perfectly every time. My new Red Hadir did the same.  
 My older ties, the Missoni in particular wouldn’t create a dimple no matter how hard I tried. The dimple is one of the qualities I look for when purchasing a tie in addition to it being handmade of quality fabric. One of the side interests is also how the ties come packaged. You can see how nicely Gentl Supply packages their ties for delivery in the Wong link above as well as in my blog. I would order more ties from this company. 

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