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As I was telling my brother Steven about Gentl Supply he mentioned a Swedish company called Granqvist that also has a nice handmade tie selection for reasonable prices. Granqvist says, “Our ties are made by hand in Italy and the fabrics are hand picked from the best weavers in Como.” I have seen Como referred to by some other tie makers.

I looked it up and Como, Italy, is one of the most beautiful places on earth, with a gorgeous lake, and is also famous for its silks. So far, I have not found out who offers the best silks or the best craftsmanship or whether Italian made is superior to others. I guess ties are one of the least expensive items in men’s clothing to experiment with to find which you like best. So I decided to order some of these Granqvist handmade Italian ties from the silk of Como.


Like Gentl Supply ties, Grangvist ties are on the more reasonable side price-wise than others I have considered. They have a decent sale selection too that starts at around $40 per tie. Their retail price is about $80. I ordered three ties that were all on sale. All were Regimental Grenadine. Two days after I placed my order I got an email from Henrik Granqvist telling me that one of the ties I had chosen got sold out and was no longer available for me. Henrik is the Founder of the Granqvist brand. It was so nice to hear directly from him. He was also kind enough to offer links to his alternate ties he thought might make nice replacements. But Henrik went the extra mile and actually approved an alternate tie that was not on sale at no extra cost.

I really like these ties. They are of a light weight four fold construction with hand-rolled edges. I gifted the blue stripped Grenadine to my brother as a thank you for introducing me to the brand and sent Henrik photos and thanks which I am sure anyone would appreciate. I have included photos of the unwrapping of all of these ties from various companies. Granqvist doesn’t go all out with their packaging, but they pride themselves on saving their customers money on quality products. That matters more to me in the end. A personal thing.

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